March 11, 2017

March 11, 2017

Hey you guys! 

I just wanted to recap about yesterday and today!

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. It was because I went on an amazing trip with the Buckingham Vocal Ensemble.  We went and visited University of the Pacific, and took a tour, and watched the choir.  The University was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, and not huge, but not super small.  I loved every bit of it! I soaked in all the information about it that I could, and I felt super excited for college, going there. I felt at home! <3 

After the college, we went and had a nice dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Sacramento, and then went and saw a broadway show called "The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder."  It was awfully funny, and I enjoyed it. 

The night was so amazing, it lasted until literally midnight. Which is why I was unable to write on my blog.

Today, it's also a late night, so I just felt that I would recap on yesterday, and then give you guys the verse of the day.

Psalms 16:8

"I know the Lord is always with me. 

I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me."

This verse is one of the many verses that I look at when I'm scared or afraid.  To remind myself it's okay.

What are some of your fears? I've got lots. Spiders, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, the DARK... And the list goes on. Being alone... Speaking in front of people... There are a lot of things I'm afraid of, and when my thoughts run rapid, I like to look at these verses and just think about how God IS there and He isn't going to let anything happen to me, because He loves me, in the good and the bad times. The scary times. The hard times. The good times, the happy times.

He's always there. Just take a look around!

This week I encourage you to look at this verse and memorize it if you can. Or find some other verses similar to this one about fear, and try to calm yourself by talking to God when you're afraid. It works, believe me.


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